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Plansight is the only end-to-end RFP to Employer Presentation solution for insurance brokers & carriers

Learn more about the cloud-based platform that makes every part of the RFP process – from creation to presentation – faster, more efficient & more profitable

Making RFP’s faster, more efficient & more profitable for everyone

Coming from the insurance industry, our team understands the challenges of RFPs better than anyone.

Brokers spend their days in spreadsheets manually entering data and building formulas. There’s no fast or easy way to collaborate with their teams. And there’s less and less time to consult with clients and find new business opportunities. 

Carriers have little insight into the bidding and renewals process. They don’t know if their quotes are being seen, if their rates are competitive, or what they need to do in order to retain and win more business.

Plansight is designed to solve these challenges – and more – by helping brokers become more efficient, providing transparency for carriers, and ultimately, delivering more value for employers.

On a mission to make the employee benefits renewal process simple & transparent

We're On a mission to make the employee benefits renewal process simple & transparent for Employee Benefit Agencies & Carriers. This is the foundation of everything we do. It drives our customer interactions as much as it drives our business decisions.

Constantly adapting to fit our customers’ needs

While much of what we do is informed by our own expertise and experience, we also rely heavily on customer feedback to help us continue to grow and innovate as the industry and technology changes.

Meet the team that’s modernizing the RFP process

Weston Lunsford
Weston brings years of experience as an operator, investor, and leader in the SaaS world.  Weston drives our vision and strategy, ensuring that Plansight remains at the forefront of innovation in the employee benefits space.
Chris Toyn
With his extensive experience in finance and accounting, Chris plays a critical role in driving our financial success and growth. His strategic insights and financial expertise enable us to make sound business decisions and optimize our operations for maximum efficiency.
Steve Overton
Steve oversees all aspects of Plansight, with a particular focus on the software platform. Steve’s decades of experience in the employee benefits industry brings unrivaled insight to the product for both brokers and carriers.
David Sitterud
Dave works hand-in-hand with our broker and carrier partners to ensure success on all sides. His work on both broker and carrier technologies gives our product and clients a leg up.
Nick Warner
Nick leads our customer success team with a proven track record in onboarding and supporting clients successfully in the software world. With his expertise and dedication to our client’s success, Nick ensures that each client receives the best possible experience.
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